Our Story

After years of experience in the spirits industry, it was time to use our strengths and create a gin that would WOW everybody. With the idea to create something extraordinary using ingredients from all corners of the world, we set out to find the best products and flavours which would express our love for the sea.

With the fresh breeze of the ocean blowing through our minds, we wanted to craft a spirit that embodied the strong and complex character of the Seven Seas. But we knew that this alone would not be sufficient. Our gin had to be bold and vibrant but elegant at the same time. A gin that could serve as a strong heart for a cocktail but could also be enjoyed neat or on the rocks.

Combining lots of knowledge and effort we tried over 40 different ingredients and recipes. After numerous variations and a lot of time spent at the kitchen table, we finally found the right combination of botanicals which captured the essence of our maritime passion. A harmonious balance was struck and Poseidon Gin set foot into the world.



The Story Behind… Poseidon Dry Gin

After having sailed for 1.5 years on Celebrity Cruises, the owner Cindy could not lose the feeling of the seas, she had to do something with it.
What she could not know yet is that she would base her own gin on it. Those times she even hardly drank any alcohol!
When 3 years of being a sales representative had passed by and when she sold so many products for other companies, Cindy made the decision to create her own!
A product that would fit her love for the seas and that she could represent throughout the world, Poseidon Dry Gin was born!

When the contract with Celebrity Cruises came to an end, she started working 3 years ago as brand ambassador for many different liquor brands at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.
This work is also exactly what lead her to the creation of something of her own.
She worked with so many different brands and products in the spirits industry but none was a 100% match to her heart, something was missing, her own brand!

Because of the background with the ocean, sailing and anything maritime, she knew she wanted to capture the essence of that maritime passion in her Gin.
With that in mind, she went out to find the best flavours and ingredients that would express that character she loved so much.
She experimented with 30 to 40 different ingredients and combinations, to finally settle with the twelve that she uses for Poseidon Gin today, the main ingredient being Wakame Seaweed.
Much to her surprise, it is this ingredient that gives the best flavour to represent the spirit of the ocean.

Good ingredients make a good Gin, but she didn’t want to settle for just good.
She wanted extraordinary. She wanted to create a product that would restore Gin to its glory as a proper sipping drink.
A Gin that can be enjoyed neat or on the rocks, as well as in cocktails.
And she succeeded. During the distillation process she found a way to give Poseidon Dry Gin that complexity that a lot of other products miss.

People often say that a good whisky or cognac is layered; they have a clearly distinguishable head, body and tail.
That layered complexity is what she wanted for Poseidon Dry Gin, and it is that build-up of flavours which she succeeded in creating.
Poseidon Gin has a clear start, middle and end, each with their own flavours and experience.

When you look at the bottle of Poseidon Dry Gin, you’ll find that Poseidon stares right back at you.
And that’s when you know you’re in for a treat. Poseidon Dry Gin starts out fresh, with some warmer spices to give an earthier balance.
The body of Poseidon Gin showcases the spirit of the sea. The Wakame Seaweed brings a briny hint of sea salt along with sweet and velvety tastes.
And then it’s finished off by warm and lingering spices. It all ends with a long lasting hint of pepper that reminds you of the strength and unpredictability of the ocean.
Poseidon Dry Gin is bold and vibrant, but at the same time it is soft, delicate and elegant. Versatile, ever changing and you never really know what to expect, just like the sea.

Cindy Cruise Poseidon Gin

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